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Giveaway listings on the My Forever HEA website are free, but please size giveaway graphic per our specifications. It might not possible to list it on the website if not properly sized. Once you’ve submitted the form, please be sure to send your giveaway graphic to our email:

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We limit our book giveaways to **no more than three** in each My Forever HEA monthly alert email for maximum author visibility. Monica only does one rafflecopter per month. We do a Rafflecopter for each giveaway. We list newsletter signup as an option in the Rafflecopter, but we WILL NOT make it mandatory. Reader whiplash has started with these type of requirements. We reserve the right to refuse a giveaway that is not suited for the audience of any individual newsletter audience. Monica's audience is completely different from the Enchantress Design & Promo and/or the HEA alert email.
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Please provide a brief paragraph describing your giveaway, prizes, authors involved, general info

Graphic sizes for the My Forever HEA alert email. Your cover will be used for your giveaway in the email. If you have a teaser graphic with the cover on it, we except those as well. Please ensure the graphic is no smaller than 200 x 300px or larger than 300 x 450px.

Graphic size for the My Forever HEA giveaway website page is 400px wide x 165px high. Please send your graphic to the email address specified above.

We try to include all giveaway that are submitted to us. Please note that it is at the discretion of My Forever HEA as to the content we list on the website. If the giveaway is deemed inappropriate by My Forever HEA, it will not be listed, this includes any giveaways promoting violence, obscene, hateful, pedophilia, pornographic or otherwise illegal material. If you have a giveaway you wish to submit for the website or for our alert email, please complete the form below. My Forever HEA reserves the right to change and/or add graphic size specifications in the future.

Please note graphics for the alert email giveaway and the website page giveaway must be submitted to specifications cited above to provide a quality look on the site. If the graphic isn’t sized properly it will not be listed on the site. For $5  and 3% admin fee, My Forever HEA is happy to resize a graphic for optimum display, and you receive the graphic as well for your use.