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Once you’ve submitted the form, please send your event graphic to our email,   Graphic size for the My Forever HEA event website page is 400px wide x 165px high. If your event is for a release party, we can use your cover.

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Please double check your email. If we have questions and can't reach you, the listing will not be added to the site.
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Please submit graphics for event listing in size specified to ensure the event provides a quality look on the site. If the graphic isn’t sized properly, it won’t look nice, and as we grow, it can easily be passed over for placement. For $5  and 3% admin fee, My Forever HEA is happy to resize a graphic for optimum display. We resize the graphic only at the request of the person submitting the image and the fee must be paid before it is listed on the site.

We try to include all events submitted to us. Please note that it is at the discretion of My Forever HEA as to the content we list on the website. If the event is deemed inappropriate by My Forever HEA, it will not be listed, this includes events promoting violence, obscene, hateful, pedophilia, pornographic or otherwise illegal material. If you have an event you wish to submit for the website, please complete the form below. My Forever HEA reserves the right to change and/or add graphic size specifications in the future.