Submissions Policy

Please review our policies to ensure the book being submitted meets all the requirements for consideration.

WE DO NOT DO REVIEWS. Any requests for reviews will be deleted and go unanswered. This website is strictly for the purpose of:

  • providing readers with access to giveaways, event information, and free and/or bargain books;
  • providing authors with the opportunity to present their books to readers.
  • We are about information for readers and connecting readers to authors.

Below you will find detailed information for submitting your book to be included in the My Forever HEA website.

  • While the website is open to the general public, only subscribers to the our various newsletters (Monica Burns’s newsletter, My Forever HEA alert email, Enchantress Design & Promo newsletter) will receive the monthly alert of Updates, New Giveaways, etc.
  • We, My Forever HEA will not automatically subscribe anyone to a newsletter, club, mailing listing, etc. We will also not share/sell/provide our subscribers lists.
  • Your submission must be a romance with a happily ever after ending (we follow RWA’s definition of HEA). We do not accept anything other than romance at this time.
  • My Forever HEA will consider all submissions and has final say as to which submissions will be featured/included on the website, on our Facebook page throughout the month, or in our newsletters. Your chances of being selected for placement on the My Forever HEA website are increased if you have a good cover, reasonable price, strong star/review ranking, and quality product.
  • Submission to My Forever HEA does not guarantee your information/book(s) will be posted on our site or shared with our newsletters subscribers. We anticipate numerous submissions as we grow and will review each request for accuracy, quality content, and covers that exhibit the best the romance genre has to offer.
  • Enchantress Design and Promo will provide the accepted submissions to their Tour Partners (bloggers). However, the Tour Partners are under no obligation to share the information/book(s). We, Enchantress Design and Promo and Viviana, Enchantress of Books (blog) are also under no obligation to post the information/book(s) in general, for a specific amount of time or a specific day(s).

Submitting the request:

  • Monthly slots are filled on a “first come, first serve” basis. Currently odds of being added are good as we are building our listings and readership.
  • We limit Free/PermaFree books to no more than three per genre page each month, preferrably less than three..
  • We accept books of all pricing levels, but we price books from lowest to highest on each genre page. If we have limited space for a specific month, we give preference to books $3.99 and lower. Do not let this deter you from submitting. We try hard to get everyone who submits some light if not in the month you submit, then in a subsequent month.
  • Kindle Unlimited —  KU books are promoted on our Facebook Page, and are not listed on our website.
  • We have 20 “Free-Listings” slots per genre page available. “Free-listings” means there is no charge to authors who are selected for one of these slots.
  • Authors may or may not be alerted when their book is listed on the website. Although we try to send an email alerting authors their book was listed.
  • Once we have filled the 20 “Free-Listings” on a genre page for the month, any books submitted for that genre will remain in the queue for possible addition in the next month’s listing.
  • If you are submitting a book with a limited sale price, we strongly recommend you apply for a promotional spot on our website as we are not responsible for pricing that is inaccurate.
  • Your book must have at least a 3-star rating or higher with at least five or more reviews before we consider accepting the submission. We occasionally make exceptions, so submit whether you have reviews or not.

Please submit your book (complete the form) six weeks (or more) prior to the date of “sale and/or Free pricing” to ensure My Forever HEA does not upload a book that we believe is free or reduced price. If a book is submitted as Free and it is not free at the time of posting to our website, the book will be removed, and any and all monies paid to My Forever HEA for any advertising will be forfeited.

Heat Rating

Book’s Heat Rating – All romance books have varying levels of heat, whether it is chaste kisses or up-against-the-wall sex. The following heat levels are a general guideline of how an author should mark their submission. If there is no HEA, the work is deemed Erotica. At this time we are not accepting Erotica works, but we hope to do so in the future. Please check back periodically as we grow.

If you are uncertain as to whether your book is erotic romance or erotica, please refer to the definition written by Sylvia Day, co-founder of RWA’s Passionate Ink chapter. The definition can be found on the chapter’s FAQ page. My Forever HEAuses this description in the differentiation of erotic romance vs. erotica.

Heat Levels

1-Flame is Sweet/No sex
2-Flames Sensual/petting & behind closed doors
3-Flames Steamy/heavier foreplay sex is either downplayed or behind closed doors
4-Flames Spicy/Sensual or Graphic sex, not quite erotic romance
5-Flames Sex is the driving force, but MUST HAVE an HEA to be considered erotic romance

*Disclaimer: We, My Forever HEA, are not responsible for selecting the heat rating of the books. The author/submitter of form provides the heat rating. Please always refer to the book’s blurb and genre (i.e. Erotic, Erotica, etc.).


We understand that things change. Please notify My Forever HEA via email of any changes or if you wish to cancel your featured and/or submission(s). 

Featured (Paid) slots: We require cancellation five days prior to on any paid ad being run. This allows us to contact those on our waiting list to fill the slot.

While we do not issue refunds, we will gladly reschedule your ad placement. Rescheduled ads must be scheduled within three months of the originally scheduled date. If ad is not rescheduled within the three month period, all funds are forfeited and any new ad scheduled will be billed at the current rate.