Every month, we spotlight up to 25 books per genre. We rank the book selections from Free to highest price. So you’ll always see the bargain books at the top of the month’s selection. We also keep an author’s book visible on the site for a total of three months (free of charge). We believe in helping authors just as much as we believe in helping readers. It’s a mutual love affair.

All books have the same basic information. Star rating, Flame level, price, and blurb.(Premium ads have more detailed info.)

Star ratings are pulled from either Amazon and/or Goodreads

Flames designated the level of heat in a book. Authors are asked to state the heat level at the time of submission using the following scale.

  • 1-Flame is Sweet/No sex
  • 2-Flames Sensual/petting & behind closed doors
  • 3-Flames Steamy/heavier foreplay sex is either downplayed or behind closed doors
  • 4-Flames Spicy/Sensual or Graphic sex, not quite erotic romance
  • 5-Flames Sex is the driving force, but MUST HAVE an HEA to be considered erotic romance

*Disclaimer: We, My Forever HEA, are not responsible for selecting the heat rating of the books. The author/submitter of form provides the heat rating. Please always refer to the book’s blurb and genre (i.e. Erotic, Erotica, etc.).