Reader FAQs

Q:  What is My Forever HEA?

A:  The My Forever HEA website is an information hub/portal. We work to provide information to readers in terms of event signings, author giveaways, as well as books that are reasonably priced. We have plans to eventually add social media capability for readers to connect directly with authors as well as other awesome connection ideas and plans.

Q: Why is it call My Forever HEA, and what does HEA stand for?

A: HEA stand for Happily Ever After. We call it My Forever HEA because we are dedicated to connecting readers to romance books. And as we all know, romance books always have an HEA!

Q:  Who receives emails about monthly updates to the My Forever HEA website?

A:  We have three different newsletters that readers can subscribe to.

  • The My Forever HEA alert email goes out with at least one monthly giveaway and a brief announcement.
  • Monica Burns’ newsletter includes a monthly newsletter with fun items such as news, character columns, author spotlights, recipes for download, and new-to-you authors. Readers subscribed to Monica’s newsletter can opt-in to a different My Forever HEA alert email, which contains at least 2-3 giveaways.
  • Viviana Izzo’s newsletter, which highlights different authors and blog tours Enchantress Designs & Promo have set for the month.

Q:  How does someone receive the My Forever HEA alert email? 

A: Readers sign up for one of our three newsletters in the right sidebar here on the website.

Q: What kind of giveaways are in the My Forever HEA alert email?

A: Our website mailing list has one monthly giveaway with a brief announcement that the website has new book bargains listed. The alert email will contain special giveaways strictly for subscribers to the My Forever HEA alert email. Giveaways are included in the alert email to encourage subscriber retention and raise open rates.

Q: How long do the giveaways last?

A: We use Rafflecopter for all giveaways and they last approximately 25 days.

Q:  How are winners of the email giveaways selected?

A: Winners of any special giveaway listed in the My Forever HEA alert emails will be drawn from subscribers of the alert mail list via Rafflecopter’s winner selection feature.

Q: What do the flames rating on the book descriptions mean?

A: Flames designated the level of heat in a book. Authors are asked to state the heat level at the time of submission using the following scale.

  • 1-Flame is Sweet/No sex
  • 2-Flames Sensual/petting & behind closed doors
  • 3-Flames Steamy/heavier foreplay sex is either downplayed or behind closed doors
  • 4-Flames Spicy/Sensual or Graphic sex, not quite erotic romance
  • 5-Flames Sex is the driving force, but MUST HAVE an HEA to be considered erotic romance

*Disclaimer: We, My Forever HEA, are not responsible for selecting the heat rating of the books. The author/submitter of form provides the heat rating. Please always refer to the book’s blurb and genre (i.e. Erotic, Erotica, etc.).