Author FAQs

Q:  What is My Forever HEA?

A:  The My Forever HEA website is an information hub/portal. We work to provide information to readers in terms of event signings, author giveaways, as well as books that are reasonably priced.

Q: Why does My Forever HEA not charge authors for their book to be listed on their website? 

A: The only fees authors pay to be listed on our site are for one of the slider ads or one of the feature ads on a genre page. We do not charge authors to list their book(s) on the main genre pages. This is not a money-making venture, but a passion to spotlight romance and pay it forward. We use our own affiliate links to help cover the website maintenance costs and our time invested.


Q:  How long does my book stay on your website?

A: All books, including feature ads remain on the website for a total of three months. The covers are rotated downward on the page each month. At the end of the three month rotation we remove the old books. Books on the Slider ad rotate out every month, however, those books are also features on their own special page and are rotated downward each month as well.

Q: What kind of books do you accept?

A: We accept romance of all subgenres. They can be traditional, indie (self-pub), small press, ePublisher. Our rule of thumb is that we follow RWA’s guidelines for what constitutes a HEA.


Q: Does my book have to be a new release?

A: Not at all. You can submit a backlist, a new release, or a pre-order book. Pre-order books are accepted, but preference is given to established authors as pre-orders rarely have reviews listed.

Q: Does my book have to be free or at a reduced price to be listed on the site.

A: No. In fact, we limited the number of books priced Free to two per genre page to give fair visibility to authors who do not want to give away their books.

Q: Can I submit more than one book at a time? 

A: Absolutely. If we find that we have more books than will fit in a specific genre in a given month, we might contact you to space out the books over a couple of months. We also sometimes offer series spotlights on our genre pages, where an author can pay for all three feature ads at a reduced price.


Q. My book is in Kindle Unlimited. Can I submit my book.

A: Absolutely. Although we do not list Kindle Unlimited books on our website, we promote them on our Facebook page with FREE scheduled posts that hit our page at different times at least twice a month, often more.

Q: How can I get my Kindle Unlimited book listed on the My Forever HEA website?

A. Kindle Unlimited authors may buy either a Slider Featured Ad or a Genre Featured Ad to be placed on our website. Any Kindle Unlimited book that is listed on our website in a featured ad will not be spotlighted on our Facebook page.

Q: Can I submit my horror or mystery book?

A: If it’s a romance, absolutely. But horror and mystery genres as a general rule do not have happily ever after endings. That’s the key. Our website says HEA, which means Happily Ever After endings.

Q:  Who receives emails about My Forever HEA?

A:  Readers sign up for one of our three newsletters and receive a monthly alert.

Q: Are giveaways permitted in the My Forever HEA alert email?

A: Authors have a couple of options. We do a single giveaway in the My Forever HEA alert email. Monica does two to three giveaways in her exclusive email for her newsletter subscribers who opt-in for the alert email. Monica also has a sizeable email list and is always happy to included an extra book for authors.

Q: Can I do a giveaway in the My Forever HEA? 

A: We are happy to include special giveaways for our subscribers in our alert email. My Forever HEA uses rafflecopter for hosting and selecting a winner of the giveaway. Any author, blogger, publisher, or other organization or individual is responsible for prize and all cost of prize distribution.

Q:  How are winners of the email giveaways selected?

A: Winners of any special giveaway listed in the My Forever HEA alert emails will be drawn from subscribers of the alert mail list via Rafflecopters.

Q: How do I reserve an ad on the My Forever HEA website?

A: Our ads sell out quickly, because we limit the number of paid advertisements. Click here to request a paid ad.

Q: What type of events do you post on the website?

A: We post any event that is related to romance. Whether it’s Facebook party, a publisher party, a reader conference, a local book signing we post it PROVIDED it’s romance related. Keep in mind we need at least a two-week window for giveaways for maximum views.