Welcome to My Forever HEA, A Romance Reader Hub!
What’s a romance hub for readers?

It’s a one-stop place to discover reader events such as local book signings, conferences, online parties, giveaways, and great books at reasonable prices.

Think of us like you would an airport. We help you connect with events, giveaways, books, authors, and as we grow, other readers. We’re only a couple months old, but we’re growing by leaps and bounds! We’re building a romance news and informational playground where our focus is on you—the reader.

Here’s what we are not:

  • We ARE NOT a review site.
  • We ARE NOT a bookseller or a publisher.
  • We ARE NOT a newsletter building site

Here’s what we are:

  • We consolidate romance news, information, events and giveaways in one place.
  • We are a dedicated ROMANCE only website. We only post romance info.
  • We spotlight books other readers rate highly, but Amazon doesn’t show you.
  • We spotlight books that are Free, bargains books, and books a little higher in price because we believe ALL of  these books are worthy of being read.
  • We spotlight books here and on our Facebook page so we can show as many as possible.
  • We spotlight books that are new releases, old titles, indie authors, small press authors, and traditional authors.
  • Other than a few paid ads, books are listed on our website without charge to the author for three months.
  • We have plans in the works for video interviews with authors.
  • We are devising ways to help you connect with your favorite author.
  • We are examining the possibility of social media capabilities here on the site.
  • We have a lot more ideas that are in our long-range plans.

BEST OF ALL! You don’t need to be on a newsletter list to benefit from all of that. You can  visit here whenever you want to find the latest romance news without getting a newsletter in your inbox.

Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a newsletter. It’s actually an alert that goes out at the beginning of every month. We include book giveaways in the alert that are EXCLUSIVE to subscribers. After all, we are about connecting you with authors you might not be familiar with as well as authors you know. (You can sign up here if like.)

Everything about this site is a passion with us. We love authors and readers.
It’s about giving back to the romance community. 
We’re dedicated to making it ALL about your—the reader’s— HEA